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Rock the Docks @ The Portage Lakes

Join the great folks at Howie’s, On Tap at the Harbor, The Garage at Nicoletti’s, Dano’s Lakeside Pub, Dietz’s Landing and yours truly, The Upper Deck, for some great LIVE MUSIC EVERY Friday during the summer from May 23 through August 29.

Check out the map, times and locations on the flyers, and stop on by to enjoy a ‘typical’ Lakes Friday evening! We’ve got WNIR 100FM on board, so to say, so make this your most fantastic Lakes summer yet!

WNIR is Rocking the Docks in the Portage Lakes

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Rock the Docks with LIVE Music EVERY FRIDAY!Participating Restaurants of Rock the Docks


We look forward to seeing you at The Upper Deck!